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Netizen Insights, LLC was founded by experts with over 20 years of combined experience in the fields of consumer and shopper insights. The contributors to our Blog bring a diverse array of market research experiences from leading CPG companies such as P&G, Mars Inc., and the Clorox Company. We are proud to share our knowledge with aspiring market researchers.

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Our Blog contains articles and content dedicated to helping aspiring market researchers learn the tools, techniques, and terminology that will help them succeed in the “art” and the “science” of market research.

TURF Analysis

Winning the TURF War

We are pleased and proud to present this guest post on behalf of Alex Sodek, Chief Research Officer at Decision Insight:   As researchers, our job is to provide answers. “This is the packaging treatment that maximizes trial.” “Here is the optimal price.” etc. So, when we can’t identify a definitive answer, it can be […]


This Trend Could Change the Future of Market Research Talent Acquisition

This Trend Could Change the Future of Market Research Talent Acquisition A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shared exclusive data analysis of standardized critical thinking tests taken by college students.  The results were not encouraging for the pipeline of Market Research talent in the future: At more than half of schools, at least […]


An Open Call for Guest Posts From Market Researchers Are you a Market Researcher who has an insight they want to share with the world?  Do you have a methodology that you are an expert in and want the opportunity to showcase that expertise?  Do you or your company have a great capability that you […]


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10 Reasons Why Lidl Will Be the Single Most Disruptive Force in US Retail This Decade When I say Lidl will be the single-most disruptive force in US retail in the next decade, there is no caveat.  No, I didn’t forget that Amazon.com exits.  No, I don’t mean just “Brick & Mortar” retail.  I mean […]